Calling All Talenthouse Artists

February 24, 2009

At Talenthouse, we were blown away by this film clip sent to us from two artist’s that come from two different art backgrounds; Giving us their unique version of our “all creative” concept. The clip is directed by Jamie Morgan, a cult UK photographer and film maker who has been a major influence in the modern urban culture for over 20 years, which features singer songwriter Justin Manville, an amazing and talented unsigned music artist. Talenthouse asked each of our featured Artist’s four question’s:

What is creativity to you?

Why do you create?

What does creativity feel like?

What is your advise for other artists?

As you can see on our home page each artist gave a fascinating insight into the creative process, it was incredible to receive Jamie and Justin’s version directly through the site. This is what Talenthouse is all about, inspiring creative collaboration. Please watch and enjoy.
– Amos